12 01, 2012

Athens, Not Just the Acropolis

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You don't need to catch the first ferry out of Athens to find beach, nightclubs, water sports and bikinis.   Only 10 miles south of the capital city of Athens you will find palm trees and endless miles of golden coast and beautiful sea.  Swim, relax at a waterfront cafe, walk the marinas, indulge in water [...]

1 01, 2012

Sightseeing Greece: Athens Sites & Classical Tours

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If you do nothing else while in Athens, visit the Acropolis, or ‘High City’, a testament to the Golden Age of Greece. Perched atop a rocky outcrop, it dominates the modern city and is Greece's most famous symbol.  There are also an array of tours you can take departing from Athens via a luxury motor [...]

21 12, 2011

Athens Best Views: from High above the City

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Athens has many wonderful sites where you can find the Best view the City.   Feel Free to visit during Sunset or any other time of the day that you choose.  Here is a list of locations to get you the best View of Athens: Lycabettus Hill The panoramic view from this vantage point will offer [...]

9 12, 2011

Free Things to do in Athens

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Once upon a time there were books written with catchy titles like, "Greece on $5.00 a day".  Those good old days are long gone, but below is a great list of Suggestions compiled by the Telegraph in the UK that do not require any Euros, Pounds or Dollars to accomplish. Climb Lycabettus hill Legend has [...]

27 10, 2011

Athens; Enjoy from a Roof Top

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One of my most memorable evenings in Athens was the first time I dined in a roof top restaurant admiring the Parthenon from afar.  Here is a llist of some favorites scattered around the city of Athens where you are almost always guaranteed a starry summer night. Electra Restaurant: Located at the Hotel Electra Palace [...]