28 04, 2012

Mykonos Sightseeing and Tours

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Mykonos Town from GreekHoneymoon.com Mykonos, one of the most popular Greek Islands is a magnet for tourists from around the world.  The cosmopolitan Island of Mykonos  is known for its vibrant nightlife, amazing beaches and beautiful people.   However, the town of Mykonos is not to be overlooked and is an attraction in [...]

12 04, 2012

Akrotiri, Santorini Reopens for Business

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According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Department of Culture and Tourism in Greece is reopening a major archaeological site on the tourist island of Santorini, which was closed for nearly seven years after a roof collapsed, killing a visitor in 2005. The culture ministry said in a statement that the bronze-age [...]

6 04, 2012

Mykonos Villa Rentals: Affordable Luxury Living

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Ever wonder how so many manage to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous when traveling on the Greek Islands, and all you seem to find are bargain vacation deals on line to Greece for 7 nights?  Well look no further than Mykonos X who offer great villas on the Island of  Mykonos.  You [...]

16 03, 2012

Santorini Island, Volcano Due to Explode?

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The Greek islands of Santorini, site of one of history’s most colossal volcanic eruptions, are rumbling again.  Santorini's volcanic activity during the past 2-500,000 years has been dominated by very large explosive eruptions at intervals of few tens of thousands of years.   The present-day crescent shape of the island of Santorini is essentially what remains [...]

7 03, 2012

Milos; A Greek Island for Beach and Lovers

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The Greek Island of Milos, the south westernmost of the Cyclades lying 86 miles from the port of Piraeus and half way to the Island of Crete.  It is one of the most stunning of the island group for many reasons.  Milos’s greatest claim to fame is the famous nude statue of the Venus de [...]

6 03, 2012

Mykonos, The Famous Greek Island

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Colin Fraser from GNN wrote a great piece on Mykonos this week that we now share with you.  His article gives readers great insight into the wonders of Mykonos Island in Greece.  Below are a few excerpts from his recent Mykonos Island Story. Warm, deep blue waters lapping sun bleached beaches as ancient fishermen take [...]

29 02, 2012

Mykonos, Experience the most cosmopolitan Greek Island

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MYKONOS ISLAND In Greek mythology Mykonos was the location of the battle between Zeus and the Titans , and the island was named in honor of Apollo's grandson Mykons. Today Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece, mostly known for its beaches and intense nightlife.  There is a great package deal to [...]

6 02, 2012

Mykonos Beaches

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Mykonos Island, the golden jewel of the Aegean Islands is known world wide.  However, Mykonos is primarily known for its nightlife, parties, beautiful people, boutiques and chic scene, but it has something that many are not aware of; Great Beaches.  So when you're done exploring the pulsating town of Mykonos and its nigtlife, it's time [...]

26 01, 2012

Ios Island, Uncomplicated Hedonistic Living

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Ios Island in Greece is in a class all its own.  Although not the most picturesque, upscale, historic or significant of Greek Islands, it is one of the best spots on the planet for a hedonistic adventure featuring cheap alcohol, party goers, great music and youthful travelers.  You do not have the usual distractions of [...]

30 12, 2011

Santorini Honeymoon: An Unforgettable Romance

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Santorini´s ancient name was Thira, and some believe it was the legendary island of Atlantis. Called kallaite (the fairest one) by the Greeks, Santorini is beautiful for its black sand beaches, limestone cliffs and vineyards, as well as for its dozens of lazy inviting villages filled with whitewashed architecture. Tour the island by jeep to [...]