25 08, 2015

#GreekSummer Happening Now, Visit Greece

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The hidden charms of Zakynthos An escape to nearby Cyclades Greek products kissed by the sun The shoreline at the foot of Mt Olympus Important archaeological sites have reopened Happening Now #greeksummer 10th Aegina International Music Festival Aegean Regatta 2015 Athinorama Suggests

15 05, 2014

Delos Travel Greek Island Hopping Specialists

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Delos Travel specializes in creating an enriching vacation experience to the Greek Islands.  They have been assisting Greek Island Hoppers since 1973 and there mission is to assist you with great service, integrity and a great deal. Delos Travel operates Greekhoneymoon.com, MykonosX.com as well as Delosvacations.com to help navigate your way through the Greek Islands.  [...]

23 03, 2013

Greek Island Trip

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Someone recently asked me what does happiness mean to me?  I thought for a while and came up with many potential answers, but in the final analysis I responded, "taking a Greek Island Trip".  The Greek Islands are magical and most dream about getting there when it is time to retire.  But why wait until [...]

7 03, 2013

Honeymoon Greek Islands

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Can you think of a better place to honeymoon than the Greek Islands?  Perfect Climate with no rain in the summer, no humidity and barely a cloud to see.  The rates have gotten cheaper, the US dollar has gotten Stronger and the folks on the Greek Island await to give you the best service of [...]

2 10, 2012

Crete, Freedom or Death by Basil Boziotis

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  The Enamored Greek Island of Crete, a part of the world that has risen from the depths of conquest and adversity many times over, has transformed to a land of endless feasts, legends and dreams where the fine art of unpretentious hospitality is religiously practiced. Crete has an unparalleled character and atmosphere, which cannot [...]

1 10, 2012

Greek Island Journey by Basil Boziotis

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According to legend Leto gave birth to Apollo on the island of Delos bringing to this world the music of light. This invisible harmony burst over the Aegean turning to stone and bringing the Cyclades to life.  Deriving their name from the word "kyklos" meaning circle they surround the uninhabited sacred island of Delos forming [...]

19 09, 2012

Greek Island Scuba Diving

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The Greek seas are recorded as the cleanest in the Mediterranean. Any discovery of an ancient object in the course of scuba diving must be immediately reported to the nearest Port Authorities. It is prohibited to bring to the surface or to move objects of archaeological or other significance, located in the deep. Underwater photography [...]

14 05, 2012

Greek Islands, Still a place for the Rich

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A great article was just published in the Telegraph Newspaper in England.  The article points out to how Greece was historically a vacation destination for the rich and not until the 1990's did mass tourism arrives to the shores of the Greek Islands.  The Telegraph article also goes on to highlight some of Greece's Chicest [...]

22 03, 2012

Greek Islands, by Sail Boat

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  The wealth and diversity of the Greek seas, the endless kilometers of the Greek coasts and the thousands of Greek islands make Greece an ideal sailing Region.   The mild climate, the high percentage of sunshine and its interesting and varying landscape also provide the perfect ingredients for the perfect sailing holiday.  When sailing [...]

15 03, 2012

The Greek Islands General Information

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The islands are Greece’s chief morphological trait and an integral part of the country’s civilization and tradition. The Greek territory comprises 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Sea, a truly unique phenomenon on the European continent; of these islands only 227 are inhabited. The Greek Archipelago takes up 7,500 km of [...]