Graperover Exploring Greek Island Wines

Grape-Rover-Greece-300x109 Today I came across a great new website for Greek Wine Enthusiasts called Grape Rover published by Cornelius Wesseling.  Cornelius a true wine aficionado and cook, has worked his way traveling around the world for many years as a cook in various degrees. His interest for wine he developed during cooking at, and visits to, various wineries in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

He has a great fondness for the Greek Islands and during the first six months of 2012, and again during the early spring 2013,  Cornelius was on the move to most of the Greek wine regions, meeting winemakers, tasting their wines and gathering extensive information on Greek wines in general and, more specific, the numerous indigenous Greek grape varieties.  He has also developed some Greek Island wine applications that are free to download.

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