Patmos Island, a Retreat for relaxing and spirituality

Today published on CNN, 10 Under the Radar Islands, and guess what Greek Island came up on the list?  We thought that we would share this article with our readers.

Patmos-Island-Courtesy-of-Cnn-300x168Getting there: Fly into Sámos, Kos or Léros Island and take a hydrofoil to reach Pátmos.  Pátmos, the northernmost island of Greece’s Dodecanese chain.

You should know: Pátmos has beautiful beaches and untouched terrain makes it a perfect retreat.. It also has a history of spirituality (it was once the pilgrimage location of choice for Christians for its association with St. John the Divine)

Where to stay: The town of Chorá, which offers a mix of classic Greek whitewashed buildings and medieval mansions like the charming and bright four-bedroom Petra Villa  It’s close to the cave of the apocalypse, where St. John is believed to have written the “Book of Revelations.”

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