Top 5 Greece Winter Destinations

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Mount Pelion

Only a few kilometres away from the busy port of Volos in Thessaly stands mythical Mt. Pelion, which according to Greek mythology was the home of the mythical Centaurs, creatures who were half man and half horse. Ancient Greek heroes such as Achilles, Jason and Theseus came to Mount Pelion to master the arts taught by the Centaurs. Mount Pelion is home to 24 beautiful villages.  The unique combination of superb natural surroundings, dense greenery and cascading waterfalls make this a must see.

Zayorohória Villages

At the heart of Epirus, nestling among the steep and snowy slopes of the Týmfi mountain range.   A complex of 46 picturesque traditional villages built in a magical setting amidst pine and fir trees with one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in Europe. Its unique traditional architecture, impressive stone mansions, natural forest surroundings are the perfect ingredients for an unparalleled destination.


Among the steep slopes of Mt. Mainalo in the Peloponnese nestle the mountain villages of Dimitsána, Stemnítsa and Vytína.  Get a deeper insight into Greek history by visiting the places where the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Turks actually began; a place synonymous with legendary heroes, fierce battles and glorious achievements.


A Mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassós in Viotia, Southern GreeceIt is the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece, a great favorite for passionate ski lovers and celebrities, or just first-time visitors who wish to relax in a dreamy mountainous setting with modern tourism facilities.  Aráhova is also famous for its bustling nightlife!


A mountain village situated in Evritania, Greece, featuring towering snow capped mountains, deep ravines,  rivers and lakes; impressive gorges, Byzantine monasteries and tiny mountain villages promises to offer the ultimate winter experience!

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