delos vacations travel agency in New York

Selling a cultural experience & luxury
travel at a Deal.

Delos Travel specializes in creating an enriching vacation experience to the Greek Islands and the Caribbean. We offer exclusive luxury travel services, including Honeymoons, Private Yacht Charters and Destination Wedding services in Greece.

With first hand travel experience, our specialists will provide personalized advice and design a unique and customized itinerary tailored to meet your individual and group needs. Delos has offices in New York and Athens with well-established worldwide contacts that offer our clients a personal concierge to navigate the world in style.


Launched in 1973, Delos boasts a unique history. The company’s founding premise was to offer travel services to the Greek community in New York. With the expertise of Andreas Boziotis, a former Olympic Airline manager and his wife, Christina Boziotis, a former Scandinavian Airline administrator, Delos quickly became a premier travel agency that offered travel service at a deal never sacrificing its integrity for the pursuit of profit alone.

Today, Delos Travel is managed by the Sophia Horianopoulos, and stands in tribute to the hard work of Andreas and Christina and our on-going commitment to provide the same reputable service.