Apella Beach Karpathos, a Must see

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Mention the Greek isles, and you’ll trigger visions of sailboats anchored near pebble beaches and coves concealed by pine-treelined mountains. Apella Beach on Kárpathos is a living incarnation of those daydreams.

Apella Beach on Kárpathos, Nestled between the islands of Rhodes and Crete.   Kárpathos an off the beaten path Island of the Dodecanese island chain, boasts some of the most picturesque shores  of the entire country of Greece.  Situated on the east coast of the island , the beach as the island as a whole, has very few visitors and offers travelers a Greece of yesteryear.   One can relax on the fine white sand at the far end of Apella Beach and feel as if you have discovered paradise on Earth.

Photo by Jan Eriksen, courtesy of greekisles.biz

There are no concessions on the beach, and road access is limited so like many other beaches on Karpathos, not easy to get to. A day on Apella is all about soaking up the breath taking surroundings featuring steep cliffs and a turquoise sea. Apella beach is easily accessible by boarding a ferry from the island’s capital city of Pigadia.   You can take the ferry back to the capital city of Pigadia, or continue northward on land to Ólimbos, where the townspeople follow 100-year old customs and traditional music fills the streets.

Apella is not the only beach worth visiting on the island, but we can not give away all the secrets of Karpathos in one post.   Prepare well for your Greek Island hopping adventure to Karpathos for this island will have you amazed at each bend of the road or bump of the sea!

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