Canoeing Holidays In Greece

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Planning a vacation in Greece? Don’t forget to go canoeing! Kayaking and canoeing holidays in Greece have become very popular in recent years. The thrill of the sport combined with the pure beauty of Greek panorama makes for an amazing experience.

Canoeing is a combination of many inland sports such as hiking and mountain climbing as well as water activities like swimming and of course, paddling. In Greece, the sport was adopted way back in the 1920s when travelers first started exploring the gorges and canyons in the area. But it shot into popularity around the 90s. It became a sought-after alternate holiday experience and thus, businesses started to spring up to meet the demands. Now, there are many clubs and agencies you can contact who will arrange a canoeing and sightseeing expedition for you.

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To have the best canoeing experience, visit Greece during the months of March to October. It will vary slightly depending upon the exact location you will be visiting, but stick to this general bracket. This time of the year, there is just the right flow of water in the canyons as well as very pleasant weather resulting in perfect water and air temperatures.

The club or agency that you will contact to organize your trip will also provide you with all the necessary equipment and gear, but make sure to bring the basics including swimwear, trainers, and towels. If you are interested in walking inside the canyons, bring some water shoes, and a change of clothes too. Whether you enjoy canoeing or are just looking for a new sport to try, this is a perfect spot for you! Here are some of the locations that are popular for the sport in Greece.


Located in western Greece, there is an array of great spots for canoeing waiting for you. Efialtis, Kritharia, Tichos, Korovesou and the Vikos Grand Canyon in and around the Zagochoria and Tzoumerka regions respectively are just a few of them. You can also drift down the Voidomatis, Red River ( Kokkino Potami ) and visit the Kremastos waterfall.

Central Greece

Here, you will find canyons such as Gorgopotamos, Delfino, Rodokalos, Kakavos, and Kostalexi in addition to Roska, Vathirema, Mavri Spilia, and Gournoremo in the Evritania region.


In Thessaly, you can visit the breathtaking Pelion peninsula or stroll into the famous port city of Volos. The canyons of Fakistra and Milopotamos are famous additions to a trip in this area.


Located in Northern Greece, this region houses Mount Olympus and the spectacular canyons of Agia Kori and Orlias. Kissavos is another detour that can be made for a collection of canyons for exploration.


This is the largest island in Greece and this is where Arvi and Portela canyons are located among others. For a change, you can visit Samaria, the largest gorge Europe has to offer, which is unsurprisingly a tourist spot thousands flock to.


This is another region full of canyons. This island is located in Northern Aegean and is the place where you will find some of the most famous canyons such as Xiropotamos, Gyali, and Vatos.The Kremastos waterfall is also not far from here.

Immersed in Greece’s scenic beauty and floating on its pristine waters, you will make memories that you will never forget.

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