Chalki The Island of Peace & Friendship

    In 1983, UNESCO designated Chalki as the “island of peace and friendship”. Never has a title been so apt. With just 300 or so permanent inhabitants, no large hotels and just 25 square kilometres, this limestone speck to the west of Rhodes should satisfy the annual search for Greek island escapism. Emborio is […]

Time Travel to Olympos Village in Karpathos

  The Village of Olympos located on the Island of Karpathos is one of the few places left on this planet that gives one a sense that they have traveled back in Time where many of the women still sport the traditional garb of generations long gone. The first inhabitants that settled in Olympos, were […]

Karpathos, A Road Less Traveled

    As I sit in the port of Diafani, Karpathos listening to the magical sound of the Lyra, I imagine how life must have been on this island only a couple of decades ago.  The road from the capital City of Pigadia connecting Diafani and Olympos has not been completed to date; a project […]

The Dodecanese: Greek Islands

The islands of the Dodecanese are situated in the south-east of the Aegean Sea, close to the coasts of Minor Asia. Dodecanese means “the twelve islands”, but of course they are eighteen and not twelve which are settled permanently although some will claim more.  There are over 100 smaller uninhabited islands in the group as […]

Surfing The Greek Islands

If you are driven by adventure then surfing  the Greek Islands may be just what the doctor ordered.  Most pros prefer the Cyclades islands to get their adrenaline flowing, but the islands south east of the Cyclades are a surfers paradise that must be explored.  Greece was formerly recognized as a wind surfing destination with […]

Photos of Diafani in Karpathos

Diafani is a small Greek seaside village situated in a bay on the north-east coast of Karpathos.  Karpathos is one of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean sea between the islands of Crete and Rhodes. The challenge of getting to Diafani only makes the arrival to this breath-taking village so much better, for locations like […]

Patmos Island, a Retreat for relaxing and spirituality

Today published on CNN, 10 Under the Radar Islands, and guess what Greek Island came up on the list?  We thought that we would share this article with our readers. Getting there: Fly into Sámos, Kos or Léros Island and take a hydrofoil to reach Pátmos.  Pátmos, the northernmost island of Greece’s Dodecanese chain. You […]

Apella Beach Karpathos, a Must see

Mention the Greek isles, and you’ll trigger visions of sailboats anchored near pebble beaches and coves concealed by pine-treelined mountains. Apella Beach on Kárpathos is a living incarnation of those daydreams. Apella Beach on Kárpathos, Nestled between the islands of Rhodes and Crete.   Kárpathos an off the beaten path Island of the Dodecanese island […]