The Sailor’s Gastronomic Guide to Crete

Greece is famous for its thousands of beautiful, diverse islands but there is no island more famous than Crete. The largest of all the Greek isles, Crete lies in one of the sunniest spots in the Mediterranean, so if you are looking for a holiday that combines great weather, spectacular scenery, fabulous food and plenty […]

Graperover Exploring Greek Island Wines

Today I came across a great new website for Greek Wine Enthusiasts called Grape Rover published by Cornelius Wesseling.  Cornelius a true wine aficionado and cook, has worked his way traveling around the world for many years as a cook in various degrees. His interest for wine he developed during cooking at, and visits to, various […]

Great Greek Christmas Recipe Ideas

According to Stella Tsolakidou from the Greek Reporter, the best part of Christmas is the anxiously expected Christmas table where Greeks gather with friends and family to enjoy traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation. The basic Christmas menu differs from region to region across the country with local delicacies being praised from Christmas […]

Traditional Greek Island Breakfast

When on the Greek Islands start your day with a delicious and healthy Greek breakfast.  Breakfast on the Greek Islands features a simple whole food selection that is always acquired from the island that you are visiting and rarely imported from outside Islands. Each Island Group in Greece offers a diverse culture featuring their own […]

Greek Food; Not Just Souvlaki

The Italians have Pizza and The Greeks have Souvlaki, and according to “The Souvlaki is often lovingly referred to as the hamburger of Greece, and Souvlaki is undeniably the  signature street food item in the country”.  With references of its preparation dating back to Ancient Greece, this perfect little sandwich has remained a constant […]

The Mojito; Greek Style

The Greek Version of the Mojito uses Metaxa Brandy and may taste a bit snazzier next time you are tanning on a Greek Island this summer.  The drink is pretty simple to make and can get any summer party started the right way.  The Drink is light and refreshing. Start with  1 1/2 oz of […]