Dario Ciriello’s ‘Aegean Dream’, a Greek Island Tale

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In Dario Ciriello’s ‘Aegean Dream’ Dario and his wife Linda gamble everything on their dream—a new life on the tiny Greek island of Skópelos. They’ve studied Greek, done their research, and have a simple goal: to set up a small business and live happily ever after. But the Greek Gods have other ideas, and before long the couple find themselves snarled in a web of corruption and incompetence, their dream slipping hopelessly out of reach.

In Greece, connections are everything. But will the efforts of their friends—be enough to help them overcome their difficulties before they’re forced to abandon their dream?  Comic and tragic by turns, Aegean Dream is a compelling tale of love, resilience, and the power of friendship. A charming window on the daily life of a Greek island and the spirit of its people, this book also provides hard and timely insights into the broken institutions that would soon shake the entire global economy.

What’s it really like to live on a tiny Greek island?
– Why is the Greek economy so messed up?
– What IS ‘The Secret’?
…and what do mysterious skulls, Russian prostitutes, President Bush the elder, and Pierce Brosnan have to do with it all?

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