Discover Skiathos, the most famous island in Sprorades

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From gorgeous beaches to lush countryside, Sporades are the ultimate relaxing Aegean vacation spot.   Plan your itinerary carefully to uncover an amazing range of delights. Whether you want to soak up the sun and crystal seas, probe into the island culture or overindulge in Greek food and local hospitality, a cruise to Sporades will absolutely  reward you.

SKIATHOS is the most famous island in Sporades. It is the northern  Aegean ‘Mykonos’, attracting not only young  visitors for its exciting nightlife but it is ideal for all ages and families for its rich culture, famous beaches and splendid natural beauty.  Small villages and ports, the crystal clear turquoise waters will surely amaze you. The islands landscape with dense pine forests and more that 55 amazing beaches is simply a paradise on earth!

Koukounaries Beach is the most popular, famous for its gold sand and turquoise waters surrounded by the dense pine trees forest (from which it took its name) reaching down to the beach. While there, you can explore the biotope, developed for ecotourism in the pine forest, where various species of plants and birds find protection. Of course, the beach offers all facilities possible as well as water sports and beach bars and restaurants. Banana, Agia Paraskevi and Troulos Beaches have a lot to offer too!

However, if you prefer a more quiet secluded beach to enjoy your swim, and lounge in the sun, head to the north coastline to Kanapitsa Beach. There the ‘meltemi’, north summer breeze will refresh from you the sizzling hot mid- day sun.  From there you may wish to embark on a day trip to Tsougia, a small uninhabited island and spend a day on its four beaches, hike up to the rocky hill and get a panoramic view of Skiathos and nearby Skopelos.  If you prefer small coves then try Achladies or Glyfoneri, Lalaria and Stigero Beach   where you can enjoy total privacy due to its deeper waters and surrounding rocks.

Time for more action?  Water sports are available mostly on the southern coast, ranging from fun banana slides to waterskiing, paragliding, jet skiing and scuba diving.  If you are looking for a more adventures pursuit strap up on some diving gear and explore the Two Sea Caves, close to Lalaria the most remarkable sight of Skiathos. Delve unto the  egendary Skotini Spilia (dark cave) with its low and narrow entrance and Galazia Spilia (blue cave) with the vivid, breathtaking reflections and underground landscape.  For family fun and more leisure, there is a horse riding center, offering riding tours to the countryside and along the shoreline.

Take a break from boating, swimming and busking, there’s an island waiting to be explored. Wander down the streets of the Skiathos town, find some of the best drinks and bites, shops and galleries and stroll along the romantic waterfront.  When it’s time to unwind dine at a cozy tavern, enjoy delicious seafood traditional Greek specialties and ‘mezedes’ to accompany your ‘ouzo’ or tsipouro’.

Want to learn more about Skiathos?  Visit the Medieval Castle set on a rocky cliff hanging above the sea at the northern end of the island.  Its height offered best protection for its people, now only a few remnants and some restored houses are there. Other attractions include the indestructible walls, the trademark drawbridge and Turkish baths.  Once you reach the top of the cliff you will be awarded with a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

Visit the 18th century Evangelistria Monastery, where the Oath of Freedom was taken on the prototype of the current Greek flag. The loom used to weave it, is still there on exhibit!

Check out the House of Alexandros Papadiamandis, one of the most renowned Greek writers, whose novels are regarded as masterpieces of modern, Greek literature.  Now, it serves as a museum dedicated to his humble life and work.  It is a typical example of the local architecture reflecting the traditional style and character of the island.

Skiathos will not disappoint even the most demanding traveler. The island offers all anyone can ask for, sandy beaches, hiking trails, vivid nightlife, and splendid hilltops with breathtaking view to the Aegean. You are promised a dream come-true vacation!

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