Divulge the magic of Sporades – a sailing experience!

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The Northern Sporades are a cluster of islands in the Northern Aegean. They number 24 islands only four are populated, Skopelos Alonissos, Skiathos and Skyros.  Sporades are an ideal vacation destination.  Romantic settings, unforgettable pristine beaches, greenery not found in other Greek islands, are waiting to be explored

SKOPELOS is a picture-perfect island near Skiathos and Alonissos. It owes its rise in fame to the ‘Mama Mia’ Hollywood movie.  Despite its popularity, it still remains unspoilt by tourism and maintains its simplicity and charm.

Incredible beaches are discovered as you sail along the coastline, one better than the other making difficult to choose. Crystal clear, azure waters offer unforgettable experience. Panormos Beach, a stunning bay, is ideal at dusk, swimming in golden waters as the sun deeps in the horizon. Stafylos, Glyfoneri, Hovolos, Elios, Perivoliou, Armenopetra beaches are just but a few, with rich greenery, pine trees reaching the seafront and impressive surroundings. Tavernas, restaurants, local shops and facilities are available at most beaches. The beautiful bay beach Agnodas, is named after Agnodas the winner of 569BC Olympic race!  It is also one of the three picturesque ports of Skopelos where many yachts moor during summer time.  The magnificent Kastani Beach is a must visit, as most scenes of “Mamma Mia” were shot there.

Agios Ioannis Beach is the most photographic spot in Skopelos, with crystal clear turquoise waters. It is not crowded as there are no tourist facilities.  What makes it so charming?  It’s the Agios Ioannis church on the high rocks.   It became famous after the “Mamma Mia” wedding was filmed there.  Climbing up the 105 steps will reward you with a panoramic view of the island and Alonissos.

Interested in seeing more of Skopelos?  It is a quiet, small island perfect for relaxation. Enjoy hiking, following old trails taking you to small quaint villages, white-washed chapels, and cliff tops with breathtaking vistas.  Evergreen Skopelos is full of trees, and lots of fruits whose fragrance fills the air.  Running waters and ravines add an extra charm to the landscape. Don’t be surprised if you came across a herd of the famous Skopelos goats, unique for their brown-red coat.

Looking for a place to eat or have a drink?  There are many to discover, in Glossa, Neo Klima, Agnondas and Loutraki.  But most are in Skopelos Town near the port.  This is the nightlife spot of the island. Most tavernas and restaurants are family run.  They take extra care to satisfy all taste buds.  They serve delicious meals, grilled meat, sea food, traditional dishes made of fresh organic local produce, with a blend of Mediterranean flavor to satisfy all ‘gusta’.  The locals are determined to delight all visitors and preserve the charm of their island.

From Skopelos you can set sail to Alonissos. It may not be as famous for its beaches as Skopelos, but for nature lovers there’s plenty to do.

Alonissos waters provide refuge to the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. The Marine Park protects wildlife of the area including: dolphins, whales, eagles, falcons and wild goats, it is the biggest in Europe.

Beaches in Alonissos are ideal for relaxation surrounded by green landscape and pine trees.  Votsi, Chrissi Millia, Glyfa are among the most famous. Kokkinokastro (Red Castle) beach is right beneath a red cliff and opposite Kokkinonisi (Red Island), where tools from the Palaeolithic era were found, for this Alonissos is especially appreciated by  palaeontologists.

Chora, the capital on top of a hill offers the best view of the Aegean. No one can guess that it was damaged by an earthquake in 1965. Most moved then to Patitiri, the port.

SKYROS may as well be your next port of call.  It may be less popular but still beautiful and untouched by tourism. Beautiful beaches, with crystal clear waters, most secluded ideal for those seeking privacy. The landscape is a mix of rocky hills, woods and farmland.

 Chora on the hill top offers incredible view. Wander in the alleys, enjoy your coffee or drink at one of the traditional ‘kafenia’. Visit the Byzantine Castle, the monastery of Agios Georgios has worthy frescoes and icons perched from the rocks under the walls.

Beautiful beaches, with crystal clear waters, most secluded ideals for those seeking privacy. The landscape is a mix of rocky hills, woods and farmland. Sailing around the island you will discover beaches offering some facilities and plenty of relaxation.

An island cruise at Northern Sporades is the best reward you can give yourself, family and friends during these extraordinary times.

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