Exploring Rhodes Island – These Are The Best Places To Visit

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Exploring Rhodes Island is one of the most fulfilling activities that a visitor to the Dodecanese Islands can do in Greece. But just like any other leisure and travel arrangements planning in advance is vital.
Nothing can mess your trip more than lack of reliable information about the must-visit areas. Lack of vital info like this has often had guests regret their lack of prior knowledge.
Avoid that kind of scenario by arming yourself with some background info to get you to the best places to explore in this Island. Here we provide brief but detailed information about some of the best places to visit as you explore this wonderful Island.

Medieval Town of Rhodes

This ancient town dates back several hundred years BC. During all these years different generations have left their unique mark in this town. Why not travel back in time by visiting the Palace of the Grand Warriors which functioned as the headquarters of the order of the Knights of Saint John?
Visit the upper town part and see firsthand the beautiful example of ancient Gothic architecture.
The lower town houses public baths and mosques that were added by the famous Ottomans.

Acropolis of Lindos

Be ready for a steep climb along a footpath scaling 116 m high rock above Lindos to get to the well-preserved Acropolis. This Acropolis was first fortified by the 6th Century BC.
Getting inside Acropolis you encounter the stunning remains that include a 2-columned Hellenistic stoa and a Temple to Athena Linda. The history of this acropolis makes the site an interesting place to visit. Why is this so? The area was occupied by so many forces from different cultures during its heydays and each of these forces left behind a mark of their culture. The cultural diversity from the past blends and mixes to form a very interesting and captivating experience to the observer.

Faliraki Beach

If you and your entourage are party animals Faliraki Beach is one place that will certainly grab your attention. This is without a doubt one of the most popular seaside resorts in this part of Rhodes.
Why? During the day guests spend their time lazing around under colorful umbrellas on the sandy beach or enjoying some water sports. Nighttime is action time; it’s time to party. Be sure to catch up with the exciting entertainment under the area’s brightly colored neon lights.

Valley of Butterflies

Nature lovers will love this to the extreme. Forget the reasonably crowded towns and take a walk in this valley of immeasurable beauty. Situated in the west of Rhodes the valley is home the colorful and gracious Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterfly species. Stroll the serene footpaths in the midst of lush greenery and gently flowing streams; the experience is actually therapeutic.


If you love the beach this is one you should not miss. Located south of Rhodes town, this cosmopolitan spot is not only famous for its splendid beach but for its springs as well. As you will find out once there, these springs were in fact bathing facilities that contained therapeutic water meant to treat various diseases.

Tsambika Beach

This is definitely considered one of the most beautiful beaches on this island.
Why? Its turquoise blue waters arch on half a mile of pure golden sand beach. Since the waters here are shallow and sandy, this beach is an ideal place for families to enjoy their time in the sun as they participate in watersports or lie down under umbrellas. The proximity of this beach to the Tsambika Monastery makes it easy and convenient to visit that attraction as well.

These are just highlighted to give you ideas of places and attractions you just can’t afford to miss when you explore Rhodes Island.

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