Greek Honeymoon Destinations

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If you thought that a dream honeymoon in the sun means being somewhere south of the equator you probably haven’t thought about the Cycladic Islands. Golden beaches, crystal-clear water, tanning beneath a hot sun, delicious cocktails and luxury hotelswill all add a little extra shine to your memories of your wedding ceremony. Let’s go on a little guided tour around Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos and Folegandros. That should be enough to persuade you.

Santorini has a beauty found nowhere else in the world, while Mykonos is bustling and cosmopolitan. Sifnos offers a host of things to do to relax, yet Folegandros has somehow managed to escape the effects of mass tourism. These four islands are just some of the destinations on offer in the Cyclades. Let’s explore.

Cosmopolitan Mýkonos
The most cosmopolitan destination in the Cyclades is also the perfect place for a glamorous honeymoon. Mykonos is an island that never sleeps and every year celebrities from all over the world pay a visit to its shores. This a place you can organise the honeymoon trip you’ve always dreamt of.

Sífnos: A place of harmony
The sheltered beaches and scattered coves of Sifnos,the uniquely beautiful villages and countless Cycladic churches all create a setting that is in harmony with itself, the ideal place for a honeymoon where body and soul can unwind beneath deep blue skies.

Folégandros: A haven away from the crowds
If any of you really want to unwind completely after the stress of getting ready for your wedding, why not escape to Folegandros.


Content & Photo supplied by the GNTO.  The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) is a Public Entity (PE) supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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