Hellas, Photos of Modern Greece and Islands


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A photography book by William Abranowicz  captures the essence of life in Modern Greece.  William Abranowicz has photographed Greece and the Greek Islands for over a decade and his images show all dimensions of Greek life: its stores and cafes, its ancient ruins, its craggy mountains and its villages rising out of brilliant aquamarine waters. Collectively these photographs convey what makes up present day Greece.

At the time of writing, Greece is changing rapidly as it adjusts itself to the standards and regulations of the European Union, and is going through a period of economic reform.  Governments are collecting taxes successfully for the first time, with considerable consequences for the infrastructure.  Greece used to look like a poor country, even though everyone would say with a knowing smile ‘There’s no such thing as a poor Greek’.  Now it looks increasingly like a prosperous modern country, Athens has a superb underground railway system, and one hardly sees anymore those little black-garbed old widows trudging along the side of the road accompanied by a donkey loaded with sticks…”

– From introduction by Louis deBernieres, 2008

Click Here for Some of William Abronowicz photos of Greece

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