Karpathos, A Road Less Traveled

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As I sit in the port of Diafani, Karpathos listening to the magical sound of the Lyra, I imagine how life must have been on this island only a couple of decades ago.  The road from the capital City of Pigadia connecting Diafani and Olympos has not been completed to date; a project 50 years in the making.

For some this may be a hassle, however the charm of this rugged island is its remoteness and the Village of Olympos which is roughly an hour and a half drive from the capital.  The Road is less traveled here, but this will not last long as the world discovers the splendors of Diafani and Olympos.  For now,  things have not changed much in the last couple of decades.  Stay Tuned for more of this Magical Journey on the Greek Islands.

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