Mykonos, The Famous Greek Island

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Colin Fraser from GNN wrote a great piece on Mykonos this week that we now share with you.  His article gives readers great insight into the wonders of Mykonos Island in Greece.  Below are a few excerpts from his recent Mykonos Island Story.

Warm, deep blue waters lapping sun bleached beaches as ancient fishermen take the days catch to a waiting cafe. Grilled calamari and salad washed down with a bottle (or two, or three) of crisp wine is served as the sun sets into a beckoning ocean. Windmills dot cliff tops peppered with white-washed homes as enormous ferries shuttle between islands and the mainland, docking their craft on impossibly small wharves. The islands are a stunningly visual space, and visitors take home a very particular memory of Mykonos.

People looking for a gentler time head here. It’s a place for relaxing on the beach or reading a book under a sun umbrella. It’s for people who want to shake off the working week in an untroubled part of the world where you can be yourself.

With our dollar buying more Euros than ever before, and Europe’s tourist throng now reduced to a manageable hoard, Greece really is the word and Mykonos the word that you heard.  To Read more about the Greek Island of Mykonos by Colin Fraser go Here

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