Cavemen Vacationed on Greek Islands over 100,000 Years Ago

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Meganisi – a small and beautiful strip of land four miles south-east of Lefkada is where the Greek Reporter published the findings of archaeologist Nena Galanidou, professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Crete which stated that Neanderthal men and women  were the first inhabitants of the Ionian Sea over a 100,000 years ago in a period scholars call the Mid-Paleolithic Era.

”To understand the dynamic of the changes in the prehistoric landscape, we must take into consideration the short distance separating the islands from Lefkada to Etoloacarnania, as well as the shallowness of the sea in that area.”

There were also natural refuges, fertile valleys, water sources, and animals to hunt. ”Judging from the number of stone tools we have found here,” conclude Galanidou, ”we can say that the communities of the Paleolithic period returned to this region often, and that it was their favorite region for seasonal migration.”

So apparently even the Cave man opted to Vacation in Greece so what are you waiting for?   Try some Greek Island Hopping to bring out the caveman in you.




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