New Generation brings back the Glory of Greek Winemaking

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In Greece there is a deep rooted tradition of wine making, featuring an especially rich and remarkable location among wine-producing countries due to their terrain and climate.  The wine produced in Greece is rich and flavor, color and is associated not only with the nutritional habits of the Greek, but also with religious traditions and its cultural heritage.

Ancient indulgences like aromatic and old spiced wines survive in modern day oúzo and Mastíha, while wine flavoured with a bouquet of pine resin is the ancestor of the modern retsina.  The Mavrodaphne of Patras, the Muscat of Samos and Limnos are some of the countries best known in this day and age.  Rhodes, the legendary island of the knights, was one of the first areas in ancient Greece known for the production of wine, and today enjoys the longest periods of sunshine and the shortest periods of rainfall in all of Greece producing the legendary Amorgiano wines.  In addition Macedonia in Northern GREECE represents one of the oldest and finest wine-making regions in Greece today producing the world famous Naoussa wine.

On the mainland the winelands of Achaia produce some of the most famous wine varieties and with vineyards which cover more than 6,700 hectares one can get lost in the bliss of it all, and while doing so don’t forget to drink the delicate and floral Roditis.  Follow selected routes, and admire some of the most stunning vineyards of Europe.

In recent years, the Greek wine industry has undergone tremendous improvements with serious investments in modern wine making technology. The new generation of native winemakers is being trained in the best wine schools around the world and their efforts are paying off as Greek wines continue to receive the highest awards in international competitions as well as the recognition they deserve throughout the world.

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