Surfing The Greek Islands

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If you are driven by adventure then surfing  the Greek Islands may be just what the doctor ordered.  Most pros prefer the Cyclades islands to get their adrenaline flowing, but the islands south east of the Cyclades are a surfers paradise that must be explored.  Greece was formerly recognized as a wind surfing destination with not much surfing going on, but things are changing quickly.

The most famous of the Aegean sea Islands for surfing are said to be the islands of Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, and Crete.  Although all these islands have an airport it is generally not possible to fly point to point and instead one must fly via Athens to Island hop.  A much better option is to use the highly sophisticated Greek Ferry Boat System to navigate the islands during your journey.

The Island of Karpathos is home of the famous surfing spot which is called Devils Cove or Devils Bay which is located about 2 km north of the town of Karpathos and 4km south of the island of Arkasa which attracts both professional and novice surfers alike.  Devils Cove is surrounded by Ormos Makriyialos in the south-east, Vrachonisida Prasonisi in the east, Ormos Elaaris in the south-west, Vrachonisida Moira in the north-east.  The locals say this is a location with serious winds, so those with out the proper experience should tread carefully prior to dancing with the devil.

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