Top 10 Greece Tourist Sites

Parthenon in Greece

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We present the basic “must-see” Top 10 Greece Tourist Sites for first-time visitors to Greece.  These are the places, for better or worse, that attract visitors by the thousands every year and getting more popular with each passing season.

For those on a time constraint due to a limited stay in Athens or possibly visiting Athens on a Shore Excursion while Cruising the Mediterranean, a Half Day Athens Sightseeing Trip may be the best course of action to tackle the main tourist sites of Athens.

There’s much, much more to Greece than what is listed here, but if your budget or time is limited, these are the main spots to concentrate on and explore:

  1. Athens – The Acropolis
  2. Athens – The National Archaeological Museum
  3. Near Athens – Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
  4. Island of Santorini
  5. Island of Mykonos
  6. Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  7. Mycenae
  8. Crete
  9. Crete – Knossos
  10. Island of Hydra

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