Top 10 places to visit in Athens, Greece

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Greece is one of the hottest vacation destinations but a lot of people are not aware because the country’s numerous tourist attractions are often under reported. After going through some of the tourist destinations in Athens, capital of Greece, you may likely change your next vacation destination to the city.

1.Open air cinemas

Have you heard of open air cinemas? You will love them. Viewers will sit in open air to enjoy wonderful movies right under the sky. You probably have not experienced such before. Apart from movies, you can watch live performances too. Nothing bonds the residents of a community more than watching movies together in an open air cinema. You probably think there is one big open air cinema in Athens right? Far from it. Athens can boast of about 100 local open air cinemas. You can find one in Kolonaki, Gazi, Pagrati, Thisio, and in many other towns in Athens.

2.Karaiskakis Stadium

If you are a football fan, you will love this stadium. In fact, it is one of the best stadiums in Greece. It is owned by Olympiakos football club. If you are lucky to be around when a match is scheduled to take place in the stadium, you will see it in its full blaze of glory and admire its beauty.

3.Benaki Museum

Another wonderful attraction in Athens is the Benaki Museum. This museum has more than 120,000 works of art that are significant to the Greek culture. You will also see more than 180,000 books. Having more than 35,000 Islamic objects and books makes the museum the largest Muslim library in Greece. You can visit the museum to learn more about Greek history.

4.Flisvos Marina

This marina (peer) is a wonderful place to visit in the evening. The combined view of the ocean and that of its magical sunset makes that place magnificent. This is why it is quite romantic. You could take a stroll in the marina with your spouse holding hands. There are several shops, cafes, and restaurants in the place.


This beautiful historic park is not far from the Syntagma Square. The view in the park is breathtaking. You can walk around and enjoy some breeze and you could sit in one corner to have a picnic. When you visit the park, make sure you find out the history behind it.

6.National Garden

Nothing about this garden indicates that it has been around since 1923. The beauty and tranquility in the garden are reasons to visit the park. However, make sure you come with your camera as you will have a lot of beautiful scenes to snap. Add the statues to the equation and the garden becomes simply amazing. It is a rare beauty to behold.


This is an old but historic neighborhood in Athens. What makes this neighborhood different is the fact that it was built in 1860 during the reign of King Otto I. However, many of the houses in Anafiotika were destroyed in 1950 for archeological digs. Only less than 50 original houses remain.

8.Panathenaic Stadium

This is another stadium that you can visit. The distinctive feature of the stadium is that has been used for several Olympic games in different years. The stadium can take about 50,000 spectators. It is better to visit the stadium when there is an event going on there.

9.The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This is one of the oldest amphitheaters in Greece and in the world. It can handily take over 6,000 people as audience. At some point it was destroyed by invaders but was rebuilt in 1950. Musical events and several other festivals are hosted in the center. Having no roof is what makes it unique.

10.National Archeological Museum

If you love art exhibitions, your visit to Athens will be incomplete without visiting the museum. The artworks in this museum date back to the Neolithic Age. You will get to see collections of working tools, small vases, and sculptures which include the ancient Kouroi Egyptian sculptures.

Conclusively, Athens has more than the few attractions outlined above. These are just a fraction of what Athens has for tourists. Your tour is far from being complete without visiting Athens in Greece.

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