Top 5 Beaches in Santorini Island, Greece

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A visit to the beaches of Santorini Island is not your ordinary visit to just another ordinary Island.
Firstly, this island is by far the most popular in Greece and possibly in the world. Beaches in this part of Greece are remarkably different and spectacular due to their unique geographical features. The Black and red volcanic pebbles and the steep cliffs give these beaches a picturesque ambiance that will linger in your memory for many years to come. But even though all these beaches have a unique and distinct characteristic, we can still do some justice by analyzing what makes them so extremely remarkable.

Let’s take a brief but insightful tour of the Top 5 beaches in Santorini island Greece. In doing this we’ll consider some of the key features that make them such a favorite destination.

Kamari Beach

Some 10 kilometers southeast of Fira you find Kamari beach. It is located at the foot of Mesa Vouno Mountain where the famous archeological site ‘Ancient Thera’ is found. The beach itself is composed of the characteristic black volcanic sand and spreads 1.5 kilometers long. At this beach, you find deep crystalline waters and a beautiful series of trees.

Visitors consider it a great place. There are hundreds of umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, numerous facilities and, a diving center where you can take some snorkeling and diving lessons and of course a lifeguard on duty is always a welcome assurance to you if you are new to beach activities.

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Perissa Black Sand Beach

Located at the village of Perissa in Santorini this beach stands in silent testimony of the volcanic activity that characterized this island for thousands of years. The unique black sands of the beach bear witness to this fact. With its fine sand and plenty of free umbrellas and chairs, the beach offers an amazing location to experience the sea. Visitors have a great time as they lounge in the warm sand and enjoy the beauty brought by the unique color that this sand creates.

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Vlychada Beach

Located 13 kilometers from Fira this beach stands out prominently for the overwhelming cliffs that bestride the shoreline. The cliffs are a wonder to behold. One would think they are the works of a skilled sculptor. Like most other beaches on this island, this beach has relatively shallow waters and enticing dark volcanic sand and pebbles. The parallel lunar landscape is quite enchanting and is unique among all the beaches found in Santorini. You’ll find sunbeds, a canteen and stray umbrellas to give the comfort you need as you enjoy the scenery.

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Perivolos Beach

This is another of the top 5 beaches in Santorini Greece. This picturesque beach is located close to Perissa on the southern end of this island. What distinguishes this beach from the rest is its tranquil atmosphere and sparkling azure blue waters. Right on the Seafront, you find numerous pubs, taverns, and restaurants serving local delicacies and fresh fish. The beach stands out because of its wide variety of water sports facilities such as jet skiing and scuba diving.

Red Beach

Unlike in many of the other beaches, you don’t get to see black sand here. Yes, the pebbly sand here is actually red. This is partly what makes this beach a rare sight not just in Santorini but maybe in the whole world too. The beach is enveloped by steep red hills that create a mesmerizing wild scenery. Sitting on top of the hills you see enormous volcanic dust and sand of various colors and small pebbles along the beautiful dark blue waters. But that is not all that makes this beach located in Akrotiri village southwest of Fira an outstanding destination.

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The place is semi-organized with umbrellas and white sunbeds to take care of the many visitors who flock this beach every year. Though there are no water sports at Red Sand visitors still have great moments snorkeling in the interesting rock formations and interacting with the rich marine life found here. Granted, there is so much to say about these top 5 beaches in Santorini Island that it can’t all be captured in one article. Why not plan the next vacation with these beaches in Santorini in mind? You’ll never regret it.

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