Traditional Greek Island Breakfast

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When on the Greek Islands start your day with a delicious and healthy Greek breakfast.  Breakfast on the Greek Islands features a simple whole food selection that is always acquired from the island that you are visiting and rarely imported from outside Islands.

Each Island Group in Greece offers a diverse culture featuring their own food products that will be sure to satisfy your culinary desires.   It’s always best  to start your day with a full and hearty breakfast while in Greece.

Greek breakfast ingredients are classified as follows:

  • Bread, pastries and buns
  • Cheeses, Greek yoghurt, traditional yoghurt, butter, sour milk, etc
  • Cold cuts
  • Honey, sesame bar and  tahini
  • Local traditional marmalade’s
  • Pure Greek Olive Oil
  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Pies featuring spinach, cheese or meats
  • Local sweets
  • Fresh Fruits, juices, fruit salads, seasonal vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Herbal drinks
  • Greek coffee

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