Greek Islands Easter

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Easter is celebrated through out Greece, however the Islands have their own unique traditions passed down over the centuries.  Traveling to the Greek Islands during Greek Easter is a wonderful experience; with mild climate, inexpensive hotel rates and small crowds this makes it a a great time to visit.  Many from the mainland flee the big cities for the Greek Islands as well as to their villages in the Country side  where the true essence of Easter can be experienced.  “Greek Easter is also the time to reconnect with nature.  Anyone with a country house — many Greeks hold on to the ancestral home for generations, and many more manage to build a country refuge — plants their gardens now”  The Saronic Greek Islands are an easy hop from Athens and a great way to get a a taste of a Greek Island Easter Celeberation.

The word “Pascha”, Easter in Greek, stems from the Jewish “Pasah” which means “Passover”. Jewish people celebrated “Pasah” to commemorate their liberation from the Egyptians and the passage of the Red sea, while Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ the Saviour and the passage from death to life.  The corresponding Greek word for “Pascha” is “Lambrí” (Brightness) because the day of the resurrection of Christ is a day full of joy and exhilaration.

Greece plays host to religious festivals with deeply rooted customs and centuries-old traditions all year round. One of the greatest celebrations of Christianity is Easter. The faithful Christians all over Greece follow the Holy Week ritual. Let’s take a deeper insight into ancient-old rituals and traditions…Visit Here for an explanation of Greek Easter Holy Week

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