Why You Should Choose Yacht Charter for COVID Safe Vacations

COVID safe vacations - yacht charter

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COVID-19 isn’t over yet. COVID Safe vacations are in high demand around the world. Manyare getting vaccinated. But not everyone is going that route right now. No one wants to be stuck at home. After a year, cabin fever is hitting levels never seen before. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for fun in the sun. A yacht charter is a perfect way to explore foreign coastlines and maintain a safe distance from strangers.

Travelers Want COVID Safe Vacations

COVID-19 is still surging in many international destinations. A Yacht charter is the answer. Sail solo with your friends and family the crew. Even if you choose a motor style for more speed, the assigned staff follows all COVID-19 protocols.

Yes, a yacht offers plenty of enclosed areas for privacy, but most of the time is spent on deck, in the water, or on the beach. Unless the weather is rough, which it rarely is, you and your party can eat outside for every meal. Keep the same dining setup, but enjoy a different view with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Find Safe & Exciting Private Yacht Charters

Coast around Greece and Athens, visiting the many isolated islands with few to no people and plenty of history and wildlife to see. You don’t have to give up fun and excitement because of the coronavirus outbreak. Also, it’s not necessary to have crowds and large groups of people to enjoy your vacation.

The possibilities are endless. Book a boat for four or five days, or take a real break from everything and charter a yacht with crew for two weeks and see all the sites, unwind, and get your chi back. Spend time in the healing waters of the Aegean sea. The clear sea is ideal for snorkeling and checking out the beauty under the ocean’s surface.

For a little warmer water, several Greek islands have hidden thermal springs. Milos offers numerous spots, as does Evvia. These gems are off the beaten path and should be fine for social distancing on your vacation. Soothe muscles in the hot, natural spas, and take in the beauty of the Greek island all around you.

You Don’t have to Go to Shore

The coastlines of the Greek Islands offer a ton of land to explore. There are also plenty of quiet, small towns with limited populations to stop for supplies if necessary. Travelers can even avoid leaving the ocean altogether with the right size yacht charter that’s fully stocked. Most boats include generators and watermakers. A complete vacation of solitude in the beautiful blue sea is the perfect vacation for many people.

Book your yacht charter today for a COVID Safe vacation. Enjoy time away from the daily grind of work and family. Recharge after a long, stressful year, and disappear with your friends and family for a week or two with a private boat charter in Greece’s gorgeous islands and coastlines.

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