Yacht charter guide to Greece and the Greek islands

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Greece is a country surrounded by three different beautiful seas. It has some of the most gorgeous islands in the world, friendly locals and warm holiday whether that would be a dream for any sailing enthusiast. One great way to discover the exciting islands and get a taste of the local culture is by sea. So, renting a yacht is the most convenient way to do this. However, before you consider a yacht charter in Greece, here is something you need to know.

When should you go?

In Greece, the sailing season starts in March and ends in early November. During the months of spring, the weather usually varies from cool to warm but nighttimes are always cool. The temperature of the water isn’t suitable for swimming at this time of the year; you’ll have to wait until the middle of May to get a dip into the water. Swimming is best until the middle of October. From May to October, the daytime temperatures are normally warm to hot whereas the night temperatures are pleasant.

The winds vary in strength but are generally calm at this time. However, they get stronger in July and August, specifically in the Cyclades islands. The most exciting season for chartering a yacht in Greece is spring and autumn because, at this time, the tourist numbers reduce both on the islands and the mainland and the climate is just perfect.

What type of charter should you select?

There are numerous choices you have when planning your trip; nevertheless, it is imperative that you ask yourself the following questions. How many people you wish to take along on the sailing trip and if you prefer single or double berths on board? Are you looking for a sailing yacht, motorsailer, or motor yacht? How comfortable do you wish to be aboard the vessel when you go sailing? What kind of yacht are you comfortable handling, as far as size and controls are concerned?

Remember that regulations in Europe dictate there should be two qualified vessel handlers on board. Alternatively, you can decide to sail in a group with other boats; whether you choose to go with a combination of skippered yachts or bare boats, you will get the appropriate balance of local knowledge and educational support.

How long will your trip be?

If you want to make the most of your yachting escapade, your trip should ideally take 7 days, give or take. However, if you have enough resources, there shouldn’t be a limit for you. After all, the majority of the companies will give you discounts for a longer yacht charter in Greece.

If you find a good charter company, they’ll be able to work with you on the itinerary and probably suggest the best places to visit and most ideal routes to take. Since you don’t really have to spend your whole vacation at sea, you can spare some days at the beginning or towards the end of your charter to discover the mainland.

There are many exciting cities to explore and the local people are very fun to interact with. The most popular marinas to start your yacht cruising in Greece like Faliro, Pireas, Lavrio, Lefkas, Zakynthos, Kos, Gouvia, Rhodes, and Sani.

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